Sell your Property

Are you looking to sell a property in Redcar or Teesside?


At Parker Stag, we understand that in order to sell your property it is important to reach the widest possible audience.


Our comprehensive marketing solutions ensure maximum exposure and help thousands of sellers across the area find the right buyer at the right price. With an expert sales team on hand to capitalise on that exposure, we aim to make your property sale go smoothly.

Professional Photography

Images are the first step and often the most powerful tool in marketing your property.


We're such advocates of good photography that we have recently invested in technology to add professional photographs to your details. We will visit your property and take a full range of flattering images, which will then be used in marketing literature and uploaded onto the leading property search portals, which will produce a compelling visual reference for anyone visiting your home.


We apply your marketing strategy, complete with the exceptional images, to a diverse spread of marketing activities, helping you find the right buyer in less time. If you don't believe us, just take a look at our extensive range of marketing channels.


More and more buyers are finding their new property online. We understand the expertise necessary to catch the eye through digital marketing and we pass that experience onto our customers.


• - Our newly designed website and powerful search tools help buyers find exactly what they are looking for.


• Social Media - Millions of people nationwide use social media in this day and age. Our Facebook account puts your property in front of more people than ever before.

Light and Space

Windows look best when they are cleaned (inside and out) and covered as little as possible.


Net curtains should be taken down or moved to the side and blinds should be lifted. If possible, position the sofa against a wall. This emphasises the size of the room and creates a more attractive photo.


Make sure furniture or items stored behind doors do not prevent them from opening properly. This allows space for the photographer to stand back and frame more of the room. It is particularly important that the two most attractive rooms are well prepared.

Vendor Highway Codes

Knowing and applying these rules will significantly improve the saleability of your home:



• Washing up and washing up equipment, kitchen towels, oven mittens, toothbrushes, shampoos etc should be placed out of sight. All kitchen and bathroom surfaces should be cleared.


• Remove from view; laundry, carrier bags, toys, colourful magazines, catalogues and tissue boxes.


• Remove from view items with easily recognisable logos or strongly coloured packaging including food products.


• Hide cable tangles and if necessary disconnect appliances except lamps. Make sure all light bulbs work, particularly in ceiling spot lights, chandeliers and above the cooker.


• Choose light neutral coloured bed linen and make sure it is not creased.


• Fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables always look good. Remove dead plants.




• Prepare the outdoor seating area - even in winter.


• Remove washing lines and loose covers.


• Mow the lawn or rake up leaves.


• Hide outdoor rubbish and recycling bins. 

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